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NDT for the Aerospace sector

NDT inspection techniques are widely used within the aerospace sector for the inspection of, for example, engines and airframe components. Inspection is carried out both at the point of manufacture and also during in-service maintenance. This safety critical sector demands the need for the highest quality NDT solutions.

The use of lightweight components within this sector means that surface defects will have a big impact on their integrity. For this reason Magnaflux magnetic particle and penetrant inspection of surface defects has been used for some considerable time. During the 1930s, Magnaflux magnetic particle inspection equipment, accessories and consumables were used for the detection of faults within steel components. The subsequent development of alloy components led to the demand for Magnaflux fluorescent penetrant inspection solutions.

Use our penetrants to to find flaws and defects in:

  • Engine components
  • Landing gear
  • Wheels
  • Helicopter gearboxes
  • Brakes
  • Springs

In particular, Magnaflux’s ZYGLO® range of fluorescent penetrants is highly recognised and respected throughout the aerospace sector where industry approval, high quality and product consistency are essential prerequisites.

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Case Studies – Aerospace Sector

Understanding particle depletion during magnetic particle inspection

Our customer is responsible for the maintenance and repair of aircraft and aircraft equipment. As part of this, they carry out magnetic particle inspection (MPI) using MAGNAGLO® 14A dispersed into MAGNAGLO® MG-MX Carrier II Oil. They wanted to know how to maintain the correct settlement volume within a bath. [...]

Use of non-aqueous developers containing propan-2-ol

Our customer is a manufacturer of aerospace components. They needed to know propan-2-ol content in our non-aqueous developers, in order for satisfy a NADCAP audit. This customer carries out inspection of components using our ZYGLO® ZL-60D level 2 water-washable fluorescent penetrant. They then use ZYGLO® ZP-9F as their approved non-aqueous [...]

Side-by-side evaluation of MAGNAGLO WB-12 and MAGNAGLO 14HF

Our customer is a global supplier of aerospace products. They approached us with a technical question around the sensitivity of oil-based versus water-based magnetic particle inspection inks. They wanted to inspect for sub-surface faults in 17-4PH steel. This grade of steel is used in applications that demand high strength and good [...]

Different application method for ZYGLO® ZR-10C remover/emulsifier

Our customer, an aerospace MRO company, needed to test a titanium inlet valve. Normally, they would use our solvent remover to remove excess penetrant but, in this case, solvents were not permitted due to the complexity, location and the material specifications of the valve. After consultation with the customer, we [...]

Comparing penetrant inspection and eddy current testing

Our customer runs an aerospace training college. Their training includes teaching students about using different NDT inspection techniques within the aerospace sector. One of the test samples used for training is an aluminium component from a heavily corroded Fokker 50 main undercarriage. The trainees are set a challenge to use [...]

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