How do the new pictograms compare with the old hazard symbols?

The new symbols comprise nine pictograms that consist of red diamonds that contain a black symbol. Many look similar to the old symbols although they cover a different range of hazards. There are three completely new symbols. The symbol ‘X’ (harmful/irritant) is no longer used.

GHS01 pictogram - Unstable, Explosive

GHS01 – replaces ‘Explosive’

GHS02 pictogram - Flammable

GHS02 – replaces ‘Flammable’

GHS03 pictogram - oxidising

GHS03 – replaces ‘Oxidising substances’

GHS04 pictogram - compressed gas

GHS04 – NEW – gases under pressure will display this symbol (does not apply to aerosol products).

GHS05 pictogram - Corrosive

GHS05 – replaces ‘Corrosive’

GHS06 pictogram - Toxic

GHS06 – replaces ‘Toxic’

GHS07 pictogram - Lower systemic health hazards

GHS07 – NEW – indicates some chemicals formerly classified as HARMFUL or IRRITANT (X) and includes skin sensitising chemicals as well as high hazard and may cause damage to genetic material , be CMRs (carcinogens, mutagens and reproductive toxicants) or aspiratory hazards (related to breathing) and may target specific organs. This symbol also applies to substances that target specific organs.

GHS08 pictogram - Systemic health hazards

GHS08 – NEW – indicates damage to genetic material: mutagens, carcinogens, sensitisers, aspiratory hazard and some high hazard substances that target specific organs.

GHS09 pictogram - Environment

GHS09 – replaces ‘Hazardous to aquatic environment’