UV Lights – Accessories

Improve and maintain the performance of your black light system

Our black lights are backed by an impressive range of high-quality accessories and replacement parts to expand the utility and operating life of your black light systems.

Magnaflux continues to seek out and develop accessories for its black light systems that can expand system performance, accuracy, ease of use and operator safety.

UVe-Lux meter

The UVe-Lux is a compact, lightweight and robust meter that accurately measures both UV (black) light and visible (white) light at the same time.

Product features:

  • Single sensor
  • OLED colour display with wide viewing angle
  • Easy to operate
  • Conforms to ISO 3059

For more information, see the Product Data Sheet.

Part Number: 017B012

UVe Lux meter

Eye protection

Designed to eliminate long wave UV(A), our eyes shields will protect your eyes during long periods of testing under UV lighting. They also help to reduce eye fatigue and provide an optimum contrast in viewing.

For more information, see the Product Data Sheet.

Part Numbers:

  • 017G001 – protective spectacles
  • 017G002 / 124510 – designed to fit over normal spectacles

Mounting fixtures

Our adjustable bracket allows you to mount the EV6000 UV lamp for stable, hands-free inspection. Once mounted, the lamp is fully adjustable, enabling you to position the UV(A) light at the most convenient angle for inspecting all areas of your test part.

For more information, see the Product Data Sheet.