UV Lights (Black Lights)

You can count on our durable, cool-running UV lights (also known as black lights) to maximise your magnetic particle and liquid penetrant inspection process, both on the floor and in the field.

Available in a variety of configurations – including self-ballasted, portable, overhead fixtures and hands-free – all of our black lights have improved operating and safety features and deliver UV outputs with a wavelength of 365 nanometers (nm), the industry standard for NDT inspection.

Hand-held/portable – EV6000

The EV6000 represents the latest in UV LED technology from Magnaflux. UV-A radiation is generated by special high-performance LEDs and focused through custom-designed optics to provide a beam width of 23cm diameter at 38cm height.

  • Wide, uniform beam for faster inspection of large areas.
  • Sealed housing and new cooling technology for improved operator and safety.
  • Weighs 30% less than a mercury-vapour UV lamp of the same size.
  • Rugged and durable design.

The EV6000 meets the requirements of the following standards and specifications:

  • ASTM E3022
  • RRES 90061
  • Risk Class 2 (according to EM 6 DGZfP BGFE)

Part numbers:

  • 628000: EV6000 lamp with power supply
  • 628001: EV6000 lamp only

For more information, see the Product Data Sheet.

EV6000 UV LED lamp



The ST700 is an inspection-grade overhead LED UV flood lamp with high-intensity UV-A illumination for non-destructive testing examinations such as fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particle testing.

The ST700 projects an ultra-wide, even beam of UV-A light straight onto the inspection area, allowing for quick examination of parts with minimal part handling. The high intensity beam makes indications stand out bright and clear, speeding up the inspection process. The ST700 is certified to NDT standards for LED UV lamps and certified for Aerospace Prime and OEM specifications for emission spectrum and beam profile.

The IP65 aluminum case stands up to harsh environments and a range of mounting and angling options allow it to be set up anywhere in the inspection process; from mag benches to wash stations.

Speed up the inspection process

  • Inspect more of the part at once thanks to the ultra-wide beam.
  • Eliminate additional steps and equipment involved with using a secondary hand-held inspection lamp.

Real-world reliability

  • Fully sealed construction prevents dust and water damage.
  • Maintain UV intensity and coverage over time with non-clouding, proprietary lenses.
  • Rugged, impact-resistant metal construction designed for NDT environments.

Work in comfort

  • Keeps inspection booths cool thanks to the fan less LED technology.
  • Eliminates hazardous mercury vapor for safer working conditions and better EHS compliance.
  • Easily maintain and changeover equipment with built-in white light.

Minimise risk of missing indications

  • Indications stand out bright and clear due to high intensity LED technology.
  • Mount the light out of the way, up to 46 in / 117 cm above the inspection surface while still maintaining inspection level intensity.
  • High intensity compliant UV-A illumination
  • 20 x 26 in / 50 x 66 cm wide, uniform beam on standard model at 36 in (90cm)
  • IP65 sealed construction prevents damage from water, vapor or dust
  • Angled mounting brackets
  • No hot-spots in the beam profile
  • Aluminum body in a rugged, durable design
  • No internal fan
  • Aerospace prime and OEM certified
  • Certified to ASTM, AITM, RRES and Nadcap
Series Model Part number
ST700 Standard 628243
ST700 European 628244
ST700 Chinese 628245
ST700 5k 629257

For more information, see the Product Data Sheet.