Product Data Sheet – Y1

AC Electromagnetic Yoke

The Y1 electromagnetic yoke provides a portable means of creating AC magnetic fields for the detection of surface indications during magnetic particle testing.

Lightweight and ergonomic, the Y1 improves job performance and productivity by reducing operator arm and wrist fatigue when testing in tight, confined and overhead areas. With a molded grip and trigger on/off switch, the Y1’s construction is impact- and chemical-resistant. It is supplied with a robust strain-relieved power cord and carrying grommet for convenience in field use.

Y1 Electromagnetic Yoke


  • Ergonomic, light-weight design
  • Soft-grip, angled body for better positioning
  • Exceeds ASTM lifting specifications
  • Steel shields for leg protection
  • Durable rugged construction
  • Oil and abrasion resistant power cord
  • Individual serial number on each yoke


Defect location: surface

Ideal for:

  • Field testing
  • Difficult to reach areas
  • Spot inspections
  • In-service inspections
  • Weld inspection

Defect examples:

  • Seams
  • Tears
  • Shrink cracks
  • Grinding cracks
  • Quenching cracks
  • Fatigue cracks

Specification Compliance

  • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section V, Article 7
  • ASTM E709
  • ASTM E1444
  • EN-ISO 9934-3
  • MIL-STD-271

All our Y1 Yokes carry the CE mark and conform to the appropriate European Union directives.

Product Properties

Weight 2.1 Kg
Leg span 0 – 250 mm
Cord length 3.2 m (10′ 6″)
Duty cycle 50%, max on time is 90 seconds
AC voltage
230 V
Frequency  50/60 Hz
Current draw (AC)  2.6 A

The Y1 can be supplied with either a UK or an EU plug – please specify which when ordering.

User Recommendations

NDT Method
Magnetic Particle Testing
Accessories Magnetic Indicator Strips (part numbers 008M004, 008M005)

Certified Test Weights (part numbers 026T018A, 026T018B)

Polysray (part number 004G004)

Powder Dispenser (part number 008D003)

Part Number


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