Product Data Sheet – Universal SW

Stationary Crack Detection Units

Our Universal SW stationary test benches are suitable for testing work pieces with clamping lengths from 1,200mm to 3,200mm. The clearance coil diameters of the basic units are 400 or 500mm. Universal benches can process test pieces with a maximum weight of 300kg (standard) or 1,000kg (optional).

The standard Universal test benches of the SW series are equipped with two AC circuits. This allows the indication of longitudinal and transversal cracks at the same time. For longitudinal cracks, use axial current flow; for transversal cracks, use coil magnetisation.

Ferrotest 60


  • pneumatic clamping of the test pieces
  • infinitely variable clamping length adjustment
  • manually moveable magnetisation coil
  • stainless steel test liquid drip tray and tank
  • separate dust-proof switch cabinet with display and operating elements
  • command box with control keys and emergency-off at the front of the test bench
  • demagnetisation for both magnetisation circuits


  • automatic coil traction
  • automatic spraying by ring shower
  • manual or motorised rotation devices for test piece inspection
  • special magnetisation coils
  • additional magnetisation circuits
  • darkening cabins
  • stationary UV lamps

User Recommendations

NDT Method Magnetic Particle Testing
Accessories Contact plates (part numbers 129201 – 212)

Product Properties and Part Numbers

Rated current – effective 3000 A
Rated current – peak 4200 A
Coil magnetisation 4500 AT
Current AC
Mains connection 3 x 400 V/N/PE
Frequency 50 Hz
Duty cycle – relative 30%
Duty cycle – absolute 30 sec
Pre-selection test current/intensity Infinite
Constant current control Yes
Measuring instrument
Compressed air connection 5 – 7 bar
Clamping force (approx.) approx. 1000 N
Max. test piece weight (basic unit) 300 Kg
Clearance coil (basic unit) 400 mm
Width of unit 2300 mm
Height of unit 2400 mm
Universal 120 SW Universal 170 SW Universal 210 SW Universal 260 SW Universal 320 SW
Power consumption (approx.) 65 kVA  65 kVA  75 kVA  75 kVA  80 kVA
Clamping length, taking the standard test piece supports into account 70 – 1200 mm  70 – 1700 mm 70 – 2100 mm 70 – 2600 mm  70 – 3200 mm
Unit length
3200 mm 3700 mm  4100 mm 4600 mm  5200 mm
Part number
023120 023170 023210 023260 023320
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