Product Data Sheet – SB Series

Demagnetisation Units

Demagnetising ferromagnetic parts and materials is essential to final finishing, and to prepare an item for its ultimate use. Our SB series demagnetisation units are fast and efficient at removing residual magnetism from all types and sizes of component after MPI testing.

The speed, efficiency and power of our SB units makes them ideal for demagnetising after magnetic particle inspection. They operate on an intermittent duty cycle, making them suitable for demagnetising the largest part that fits the coil opening, or an array of small parts.

The SB units are designed to fit almost any production or inspection set-up and to withstand hard industrial service. They are also versatile enough for efficient production applications in tool and machine shop service.

SB demagnetising unit


  • Can handle large and small parts
  • Intermittent duty cycle
  • Automatic timing switches positively using an alternating current wave form.
  • Fast through demagnetisation
  • Rugged construction
  • Table top or track and carriage mounting
  • 12,000 amp Turn Output
  • Ring Down capacitors reduce current draw and slowly decay magnetic field.


Ideal for:

  • Demagnetising parts that have undergone magnetic particle inspection.
  • Removing residual magnetism in parts intended for use near magnetic instruments.
  • Demagnetising parts with bearing or journal surfaces.
  • Demagnetising parts after contact with magnetic chucks or lifting magnets.

Product Properties and Part Numbers

Floor space (mm) Height (mm)
Type Length Width Table Overall Current input (Amps) Part number
SB-911 720 1100 870 1330 25 007E107
SB-911T 2760 1100 937 1330 25 007E108
SB-1416 720 1285 870 1522 42 007E110
SB-1416T 3460 1285 937 1522 42 007E109
SB-1619 720 1285 870 1522 45 007E111
SB-1619T 3460 1285 937 1522 45 007E112
SB-2824 760 1445 870 1652 95 007E076
SB-2824T 3950 1445 937 1652 95 007E127

All units carry the CE mark and conform to the appropriate EU directives.

Units are constructed to operate on 380 to 415 volts, 50 Hertz, single phase current. They may be ordered to operate at other voltages and frequencies; a line switch is provided.

Ampere-turns (with coil empty): 8,000. 12,000. Ampere-turn windings available on special order.

High field strength models (12,000 Ampere turns) are not recommended for operation on less than 380 volts because of the excessive current requirements.

Dimensions are nominal only. If clearances are critical, please contact us.

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