Product Data Sheet – QB2-Plus Quick Break Tester & Shot Timer

The QB2-Plus provides a quantitative verification of Quick Break function and measures the duration of the magnetising shot. The QB2-Plus can verify the correct function of AC, HWDC, and FWDC equipment, and verify Quick Break function on 3-phase FWDC units. Shot time and Quick Break voltage are alternately shown on the LCD display after each reading.


  • Simultaneous measurement of Shot Time and Quick Break
  • Can be used with coils and cable wraps over 25 in (64 cm) diameter
  • Quantitative results provide true verification of equipment

Specification Compliance

For use with systems conforming to:

  • ASTM E709
  • ASTM E1444
  • ISO 9934
  • ASTM E3024

User Recommendations

The QB2-Plus probe is placed inside the coil (or in line with a cable wrap) during a magnetising shot. Quick Break voltage and Shot Time (in seconds) are alternately shown on the LCD display. A reference table of minimum Quick Break voltages for different coil diameters is included on the back of the meter.

Product Properties

Shot Time Range:

1-phase mode
3-phase mode
0.40 to 5.00 seconds
0.40 to 2.80 seconds
Shot Time Accuracy +/- 0.02 seconds
Quick Break (3-phase only) 0 to 30 V +/- 0.2 V
Display Dot-matrix LCD
Power Supply DC 9V Battery

Part Number


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