Product Data Sheet – MAG 50 Series

MPI Test Bench Unit

The MAG 50 series of test bench units are heavy-duty machines designed for the inspection of ferrous components. There are numerous options in both ranges and all units come with separate power packs and stainless steel tanks.

MAG 50 test bench unit for MPI

Product Properties

MAG 50/3H MAG 50/5H
Maximum output current 3,000 Amps and Half Wave DC 5,000 Amps and Half Wave DC
Line current draw for duration of maximum current shot 170 Amps 270 Amps
Demagnetisation Decaying AC Decaying AC
Typical duty cycle 1.5 seconds ‘ON’, 15 seconds ‘OFF’ 1.5 seconds ‘ON’, 15 seconds ‘OFF’
Mains electricity supply 380 or 415 Volts, 50 Hz, 1 Ph 380 or 415 Volts, 50 Hz, 1 Ph
Current control Infinitely variable Infinitely variable
Magnestising coil 300, 400, 500 and 625 mm (other sizes available on request)
Compressed air line Minimum 5 bar (customer to provide regulator)

User Recommendations

Accessory Part number
Steady Rests 20978A1, 20955A3
Small Parts Adaptor 030C009
Magnetic flow (flux) heads on request
Magnaglo hood 011H018, 011H019, 011H020
Motorised tailstock adjustment 032T002
Hand crank tailstock adjustment 032T001
Air pressure regulator and gauge 004P144
Rear hard wood grille 007G019

Part numbers

Model Part number
MAG 50/3H/15 007E224
MAG 50/3H/20 007E225
MAG 50/3H/25 007E226
MAG 50/5H/15 007E228
MAG 50/5H/20 007E229
MAG 50/5H/25 007E230
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