Product Data Sheet – Isotest

Mobile Crack Detetction Units

Isotest mobile power packs are designed for constant or impulse current magnetisation and are suitable for magnetising parts either with AC or full-wave DC.

They are ideal for use in harsh conditions where the highest reliability is essential, for example, the automotive and aeronautical industries, foundries, forging shops, steel production and processing.

A wide variety of high-current cables, coils and contacting options gives you maximum mobility and flexibility on-site. Additional power packs are also available on request.


  • Constant current control and optional current flow detection system for maximum testing safety.
  • Multi-stage, low-frequency demagnetisation system.

The Isotest range consists of:

  • 30 E for test currents up to 3,000 A DC and AC
  • 60 E for test currents up to 6,000 A DC
  • 100 E for test currents up to 10,000 A DC

With models 60 E and 100 E, switching from AC to DC is done using a motorised pole reversing switch. 30 E features a new, electronic, high-current change-over switch which enables quick and easy switching between DC and AC by the simple push of a button.

Isotest 30 E

Isotest 30 E

Isotest 60 E, Isotest 100 E

Isotest 60 E/100 E

Product Features and Part Numbers

Isotest 30 E Isotest 60 E Isotest 100 E
Effective AC* 3000 A 4200 A 5600 A
Peak AC* 4240 A 6000 A 8000 A
Absolute duty cycle at 100% operating current max. 30 s on/ 70 s off
Relative 30% at …/2
max. 30 s at 120 s break max. 30 s at 120 s break
Open circuit voltage max. (AC) 8.5 V AC 15 V AC 22 V AC
Effective full-wave DC* (5% ripple) 3000 A 6000 A 10,000 A
Open circuit voltage max. (DC) 8 V DC 20 V DC 30 V DC
Control voltage (DC) 24 V DC 24 VDC 24 V DC
Mains connection AC 400 V
(CEE plug 5-pole/63A)
3 x 400 V 3 x 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz
Power consumption 28 kVA 105 kVA 295 kVA
Short circuit current (approx.) 35,000 A 12,400 A 22,400 A
Recommended quantity and length of high current cable** 2 x 4.5 m 8 x 4.5 m 8 x 4.5 m
High current cable cross section 2 x 150 mm² 150 mm² 150 mm²
Test current adjustment infinite infinite infinite
Constant current control yes yes yes
Current indication digital digital digital
Width 770 mm 1760 mm 1760 mm
Height 1400 mm 1725 m 1725 mm
Depth 1000 mm 910 mm 910 mm
Weight without current cables 312 Kg 790 Kg 1000 Kg
Part number  065310 065610 065910

*maximum test current cable equivalent circuit 9 m

** not included in delivery scope

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