Product Data Sheet – Current Flow Test Piece

Use to verify MPI system performance

Our current flow test pieces contain artificial defects that simulate discontinuities when verifying MPI system performance.

Current Flow Test Piece 026T001

Instructions for Use

For the first use of your test piece, follow the procedure outlined below when the unit has just been calibrated, and there is fresh ink in the tank:

  • Ensure the test piece is thoroughly degreased and free from corrosion and oxidation.
  • Clamp the test piece between the contacts on the head and tailstock of your bench unit.
  • Apply magnetic ink while the current is flowing.
  • Establish the current required to make the hole nearest the outer surface of the ring visible on the outer surface.
  • Further increase the current to establish indications from the other two holes on the outer surface of the ring.
  • Note the current required to establish each hole indication. If your magnetising system is functioning correctly, each hole should be visible at each subsequent use of the test piece.
  • Repeat the test for each current wave form which your magnetising unit is equipped with. Please note that the deeper hole is unlikely to show positively using an alternating current wave form.

Part Numbers

Part number Amps Specification
026T001 0 – 1000 A RRP58004, TP1
026T003 1000 – 3000 A RRP58004, TP2
026T004 3000 – 5000 A RRP58004, TP3
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