Product Data Sheet – Contact Pads and Plates

For Magnetic Particle Inspection

Our contact pads and plates prevent arc burn by maintaining proper electrical contact between test parts and contact heads. Available in a variety of sizes, they are manufactured to fit most MPI units.

For use with MAG series test benches

Part number 031C003 031C010 031C012 031C016 031C020
Model MAG 50 MAG II/20 MAG II/20F MAG 40 series MAG 50 series
Area (mm) 145 x 125 45 x 65 60 x 65 100 x 120 145 x 125
Material Copper braid, neoprene Copper braid Brass mesh Brass mesh Copper braid

For use with Universal series test benches

Made from spirally-inserted copper braid cord with a tinned contact area. Various other sizes available on request.

Ø 80 mm: 129205
Ø 1200 mm: 129206
Standard contact plate for 900 WE II: 129153

To make special contacts

Copper braid. Available in different lengths.

Effective contact area Type width x thickness Part number
25 mm² fine 30 x 2 mm 129250
60 mm² fine 45 x 3 mm 129251
185 mm² fine 75 x 3 mm 129253
50 mm² raw 45 x 3 mm 129252
125 mm² raw 57 x 7 mm 129254
180 mm² raw 75 x 8 mm 129256
Copper contact braid
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