Contact Pads and Plates, Steady-Rests and Blocks

Contact Pads and Plates

Our copper-braided contact pads and lead contact plates prevent arc burn by maintaining proper electrical contact between test parts and contact heads.

Available in a variety of sizes, these long lasting pads and plates are manufactured to fit most MPI units. For more information, see the Product Data Sheet.

Contact Pads

For use with MAG series test benches

Copper contact pads

For use with Universal series test benches

Copper contact braid

To make special contacts

Steady Rests

Steady-rests support and stabilise long or heavy parts – such as crankshafts – during the MPI inspection process. Our rail and headstock-mounted roller-style steady-rests support a variety of part lengths and make the loading of heavy and long parts easier. Our tailstock steady-rest mounts directly onto the tailstock shelf and is designed to work with either headstock or rail-mounted steady-rests. Its twin rollers enable components to be rotated.

Part numbers:

  • 20955A3 – Moveable Steady Rest
  • 20978A1 – Headstock Steady Rest
Moveable Steady Rest

Contact Blocks

Our contact block enables you to test parts that are too large or heavy to process on wet bench units.

It clamps between the head and tail stock of your bench, enabling you to attach prods, clamps, split coils, etc. with a flexible cable (not included – see cables and connectors).

Part number: 023A007

Contact block