Our portable coils will expand your part testing capabilities and discontinuity detection.

L10 Coil

L10 Magnetising Coil

110V only, 50Hz. Specifically designed to detect transverse defects in shafts, spindles and similar components.

Part number: 008C020

For more information, see the Product Data Sheet.

Closed Magnetising Coil

Number of turns: 3

Part numbers:

  • 129001: 200 mm clearance Ø
  • 129002: 350 mm clearance Ø
  • 129003: 500 mm clearance Ø

Hinged Magnetising Coil

With easy-to-operate locking handle.  Number of turns: 3

Part numbers:

  • 129020: 200 mm clearance Ø
  • 129021: 350 mm clearance Ø
  • 129022: 500 mm clearance Ø

Minden Type Coil

For testing rail wheels. Needs to be connected to a power pack; we recommend our Ferrotest range, depending on the lengths of the connecting cables and the size of the magnetising coil.

Part numbers:

  • 129710: for wheels disks with rolling circles up to 920 mm (Minden type 1000)
  • 129713: for wheels disks with rolling circles up to 1,250 mm (Minden type 1300)

Conductors and adaptors

Our conductors and adaptors will add flexibility to your MPI units.

Central conductorsInsulated copper bar for applying circular magnetisation to hollow parts (for example, components that have through-holes or thin walls), or when there is insufficient current available for single-shot magnetisation.

Part numbers:

  • 028T002 – 12mm diameter x 300 mm long
  • 028T004 – 25mm diameter x 600 mm long
Laminated twin-core threaded bars for internal conductor/current induction method, according to DIN EN ISO 9934-1:2002-03.

Plastic covered

Ø/Length Part number
15/300 mm 129326
15/400 mm 129327
20/300 mm 129329
20/400 mm 129331
24/300 mm 129333
24/400 mm 129335
30/300 mm 129337
30/400 mm 129339
40/300 mm 129340
40/400 mm 129341
40/600 mm 129342
55/300 mm 129343
55/400 mm 129344
55/600 mm 129345
70/300 mm 129346
70/400 mm 129347
70/600 mm 129348
80/300 mm 129349
80/400 mm 129350

Steel covered

Ø/Length Part number
10/300 mm 129320
10/400 mm 129321
12/300 mm 129322
12/600 mm 129323
14/300 mm 129324
14/400 mm 129325

Our auxiliary adaptors enable our standard bench units to test small parts. Mounted directly to either the head or tail stock, the solid copper adaptors maintain adequate clearance to proper clamping action.

Small Parts Adaptor for the MAG 40

Part number 030C035 – fits our MAG-40 bench units

Small Parts Adaptor for the MAG 50

Part number 030C009 – fits our MAG-50 bench units


For connection to high current cables.

Part numbers:

  • 129102: Type DIX PM 70 with lug connector. Suitable for powerpacks with a test current up to 6,000 A.
  • 129103: Magnet cross contact with lug connector (12 pieces required)

To be fixed at handles and connected to high current cables.

Handles for installation of the melt-off electrodes: consisting of one handle with control cable and one handle without control cable.
Part number 056200

Part number Type Test current
129110 A up to 1500 A
129111 B 1500 – 3000 A
129112 C 3100 – 8000 A

Contact clamps

Our spring-loaded contact clamps enable easier and more accurate inspection of tubing, bars and tubular assemblies, such as aircraft engine mounts, fuselage sections and large welded structures.

Connected to terminals of portable units or contacts blocks on wet units by lugs and flexible cables, our contact clamps can be used with parts up to 6.35 mm (2.5″) in diameter.

Part number: 023C002

Contact clamp 1865A