Product Data Sheet – ZA-915

Modular Penetrant Inspection Line

TheZA-915 system is one of the most popular penetrant testing systems on the market. As a multi-station process for components up to 850 mm x 850 mm x 750 mm in size, it offers the flexibility of modular construction and has the added advantage of simple tank additions to meet your specific requirements.

Designed to operate from the left or the right, the system can, when arranged in a straight line configuration, be used either as a manual unit or in conjunction with a linear robot for fully automatic applications. Alternatively, where space is limited, the ZA-915 can be arranged in a ‘U’ or ‘L’ configuration to suit the area available.


  • Flexible modular construction.
  • Manual or automatic applications.
  • Conforms with most required testing specifications.
  • Incorporates all the necessary equipment for fluorescent penetrant testing.

User Recommendations

NDT Method Liquid Penetrant Testing
Accessories Activated Carbon Filters
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See diagram below. Modules 1 – 6 manufactured from stainless steel and measure 915 mm square.

Part Description Size Options
1 Penetrant immersion tank Stainless steel 915 mm square Double hinged aluminium cover, bottom grille.
2 Drain stations Drain and roller stations manufactured in
stainless steel.
Available in either straight runs or with 90° bends.
3 Remover tank Stainless steel 915 mm square Double hinged aluminium cover, bottom grille.
4 Rinse tank Stainless steel. Includes wash gun. 915 mm square Stainless steel splash shield, flame resistant lightproof curtains, UV lighting, bottom grille.
5 Hot air dryer Thermostatically controlled hot air with 9 kW of heating power. Manufactured in stainless steel. Maximum load: 45 Kg. 915 mm square Heaters can be up-rated. Optional through tape dryer.
6 Powder storm
Air-agitated powder storm cabinet manufactured in stainless steel. Automatic powder extract and return unit. 915 mm square Optional through type powder storm cabinet.
7 Inspection booth
Sturdy work surface covered in ribbed rubber. Equipped with flame-retardant curtains on all sides, 100 watt UV hand lamp, roof-mounted white light and extractor fan. Internal working dimensions:
1830 mm x
1525 mm x
2115 mm