Product Data Sheet – Vector R90

Electrostatic Spray

The Vector R90 represents the latest advance in electrostatic spray guns. It is available on its own or in conjunction with the 9060 LV3 low voltage power supply.

The Vector R90 incorporates triple set point control, putting unparalleled voltage control and flexibility at your fingertips. A single switch turns the voltage on and off and can move between three pre-selected voltage levels.

Vector R90 electrostatic sprayer


  • Increased durability.
  • Reduced trigger pull. The dual stage air valve eliminates air to fluid transition.
  • Lighter weight with improved ergonomics.
  • Improved electronic controls: The R90’s control unit offers microprocessor-based control for data collection.
  • Certified pre-tested air caps designed for consistency. The result is an improved finish with fewer rejects.

Product Properties

Atomisation Conventional air
Air/fluid operating pressure 400 psi
Tip voltage 85 kV
Maximum current 90 µa
Maximum fluid temperature 65°C
Maximum fluid delivery 1000 cm³/min
Length 29.2 cm
Weight 555 g

All units carry the CE mark and conform to the appropriate EU directives.

Part Number


9060 LV3 low voltage power supply

The compact 9060 LV3 low voltage power supply has been designed to keep your Vector spray gun running smoothly. It provides low voltage to the applicator, which is then converted to high voltage for optimum performance and transfer efficiency. The unit is designed to optimise the charging process under varying load conditions and to limit the operating current to a safe maximum value.

The control panel is user friendly with easy-to-read displays for adjusting voltage or current, as well as indicators for cable fault or overload, and a reset switch. Other features include:

  • A variable voltage output to drive a cascade in the gun to amplify the voltage to kV level.
  • Interlock connections for a conveyor and exhaust fan.
  • In remote mode, the selection and adjustment of the set point can be performed using either discrete or analog I/O signals.
  • Safety features: Detection of ground faults, cable faults, feedback signal faults, over voltage and over current.


Input voltage 90 – 264 VAC
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Current 1.5 A maximum RMS
Wattage 40 W (maximum)
Output voltage 20 – 90 kV (maximum DC)
Dimensions 16.5 cm (height) x 37.8 cm (width) x 30.7 cm (depth)
Weight 10.2 Kg
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