Our spray guns and portable pressure sprayers provide even, controlled application of penetrants, developers, cleaners and water rinses. Manufactured from high-quality materials and components, they will give you years of trouble-free performance.

Electrostatic sprays

Optiflex 2b electrostatic sprayerThe Optiflex 2B is designed to apply dry developer to large components within a spray booth. Lightweight and ergonomic, its flexibility and ease of use make it a cost-effective and reliable tool for your dry powder application.

  • Perfect transfer efficiency thanks to the 100 kV high-performance cascade.
  • Wide range of nozzles and extensions to ensure optimum penetration into a part geometry.
  • Integrated remote control allows you to select the coating programme and adjust the powder output.
  • Quick-release  powder  hose  connector  for  easier maintenance and cleaning.

For more information, see the Product Data Sheet.

Vector R90 electrostatic sprayerThe Vector R90 represents the latest advance in electrostatic spray guns. It incorporates triple set point control, putting unparalleled voltage control and flexibility at your fingertips. Available on its own or supplied with the 9060 LV3 low voltage power supply.

  • Reduced trigger pull: the dual stage air valve eliminates air-to-fluid transition.
  • Lighter weight with improved ergonomics.
  • Improved electronic controls: the R90’s control unit offers microprocessor-based control for data collection.
  • Certified pre-tested air caps designed for consistency. The result is an improved finish with fewer rejects.

Part number: 017S002

For more information, see the Product Data Sheet.

Zyglo Foam 850The Zyglo Foam unit is a portable chemical foam generator designed to apply a large range of foaming chemicals to surfaces where the chemical needs to be in contact for prolonged periods. Requiring only a compressed air supply to make it fully operational, the Zyglo unit is self-contained and totally mobile.

  • Adjustment of the air control on the trolley allows you to vary the consistency of the foam suit your particular application.
  • Controllable working strength determined by pre-mixed concentration.
  • Contact time maximises chemicals’ effectiveness.
  • Expansion rates reduce water and chemical usage.
  • 50-litre stainless steel tank with integral trolley.

For more information, see the Product Data Sheet.

Hand sprayers

Air-Water GunA combined air and water spray gun for washing parts during the penetrant process. Trigger-controlled water spray.

Part number: 004G003

Water Only GunA gun with trigger action for washing parts during the penetrant process. Comes with two interchangeable nozzles to provide a fine or a coarse spray pattern.

Part number: 004G015

PolysprayAn inexpensive spray unit for applying penetrant.

Part number: 004G004

Lightweight powder “puffer” for applying dry developer powder. Removable cap for easy refilling.

Part number: 008D003