LPI Equipment – Accessories

Expand and improve your liquid penetrant inspection process

Whether you are looking to add to your range or replace outdated items, we have impressive line-up of LPI test components and accessories designed to satisfy your every inspection need. If you want help choosing the right accessory, please contact us.

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Process timer

This dual-channel timer allows simultaneous programming of two different activities. Each channel has a distinct electronic alarm and visual indicator when zero is reached. Large 16mm-tall LCD digits can be seen from 6 metres away.

For more information, see the Product Data Sheet.

Part number 004T087


An easy-to-use laboratory or field device to measure the concentration of ZR-10C in water. Meets Pratt and Whitney and GE concentration specifications for hydrophilic removers.

Part number: 008M009


Test panels and pieces

Our Ni-Cr test panels provide feedback on the continuing sensitivity and performance of your penetrant processing system by comparing in-use penetrants against new, unused product to determine if the penetrant is performing properly.

The test panels come in pairs and have set crack depths:

  • Pair of 10 micron panels (part number 506251)
  • Pair of 20 micron panels (part number 506252)
  • Panel set of 10, 20, 30 and 50 micron panels (part number 184400)

The EN ISO 3452-3 test piece is used for the routine assessment of fluorescent dye penetrants in environments where the penetrant could be susceptible to contamination and degradation.

The test piece consists of an austenitic base plate. One side of the piece comprises five different sized star-shaped cracks on a chromed background. Using this side of the test piece, it is possible to assess the relative sensitivity of a penetrant from one batch to another. The other side comprises four areas with differing levels of surface roughness; these areas can be used to make an assessment of the removeability of a penetrant during washing/cleaning.

Part number: 135510

For more information, see the Product Data Sheet.