Product Data Sheet – Activated Carbon

High-density Adsorbent

MAGNAFLUX® Activated Carbon is high-activity, granular, activated carbon manufactured by steam activation from selected grades of bituminous coal. It is a high-density adsorbent and provides maximum volume activity. Its excellent hardness and mechanical strength ensures negligible losses during the processing of  rinse water.

Activated Carbon is used with our S200 and S500 filtration systems for the cleanup of penetrant rinse water. It offers the perfect balance between adsorption and transport pores, providing optimum performance for rinse water processing.


  • Readily wetted (due to being water-washed)
  • Low dust
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • High organics compound capacity
  • Enhanced transport pore structure
  • Proven high reactivation yields


Ideal for use with our S200 and S500 filtration systems for the cleanup of penetrant rinse water.


Activated carbon with a particle size consisting of a 12 x 40 mesh (0.425-1.70 mm).

User Recommendations

Penetrant Rinsewater Treatment Equipment S200, S500/S500C

Packaging and Part Numbers

Activated Carbon is available in 25 Kg bags (part number 079C002).

Product Properties

Iodine number min. 1000 mg/g
Moisture content max 5%
Total ash content max 13%
Wetability min 95%
Hardness min 95%
Surface area 1050 m²/g
Methylene blue number 280 mg/g
Total pore volume 1.04 cm³/g
Water-soluble ash 0.2%
Apparent density 0.48 g/cm³
pH 8 – 11

Like all Magnaflux materials, our Activated Carbon is closely controlled to ensure batch-to-batch consistency, optimum process control and inspection reliability.

Health & Safety

Review all relevant health and safety information before using this product. For complete health and safety information, refer to the relevant Safety Data Sheet.

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