New home for Tiede

Welcome to Magnaflux EMEAR, the new home for Tiede non-destructive testing products.

Magnaflux (A Division of ITW Ltd) is a global manufacturer of non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment and consumables. Magnaflux products are internationally renowned for the inspection of cracks, surface breaking flaws and near surface flaws.

In 2006, Magnaflux purchased Tiede in Germany. Now operating as Magnaflux GmbH, this facility is a dedicated resource to manufacture our high-quality equipment and accessories.

To access information on the Tiede range of products, please use the following links:

new home for Tiede - Magnaflux EMEAR



Magnetic Yokes – TWM 42 N, TWM 220 N

Bench Units – Ferroflux, Universal SW, Universal WE

Mobile Test Units – Chain Inspection, Ferrotest, Isotest

Demagnetisation Units – ETB Series, ETT Series, ETW Series

All other Ferroflux and Fluoflux products have been discontinued – click here to see the list.