Changes to our aerosol packaging

From June 2017, Magnaflux EMEAR will be upgrading its aerosol packaging. This will involve changes to the look of both the aerosol can and the trade packaging (outer box).

What will the new aerosol packaging look like?

Our aerosol can designs have been simplified and made consistent, with one single design for all product ranges – Magnaflux, Bycotest and Tiede. This includes a new Magnaflux-green cap.

We are changing our packaging to give prominence to the Magnaflux brand. Our brand is more than just the products we manufacture and sell; it’s how we do business – it’s our vision, our mission, our values, and our promise.


Icons to indicate product use type (cleaner, penetrant, etc.).

These icons are already in use on our bulk packaging and marketing collateral. The use of the icon eliminates the need for multiple languages and is a clear product type identifier.

Introduction of QR code.

Links directly to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) library on our website.

All trade packs will comprise 10 cans. There will be no changes to the size of the cans: Magnaflux/Bycotest – 400ml, Tiede – 500ml.

All trade packs will look the same and will include all three EMEAR office details, plus a variable data label that will display the appropriate product icon.

When will these new aerosol cans appear in the market place?

Based on the current stock levels of the old cans, we anticipate that you will see the new aerosol cans from mid-August 2017. It is not possible to give an exact date as it depends on stock levels of individual aerosol products  For example, with the more popular  products such as SPOTCHECK SKC-S, you will likely see these products in the new cans earlier than with the slower moving products, such as ZYGLO ZP-9F.

How will I know that this is genuine Magnaflux product, not a counterfeit?

The images on this page show the official changes to the Magnaflux EMEAR aerosol packaging. We also code our products with unique information regarding the date of manufacture, batch number and ‘best before end’ date. This can be found on the base of each aerosol can and also on the trade pack label. If you are unsure whether you have a genuine Magnaflux product, please email a photo to

The Bycotest aerosol cans used to use different colours for different product types. Why has this not been adopted with this change?

We looked at a range of options to distinguish product type. The issues with the use of colours are that:

  • There is no industry standard for the use of colours. Our research showed no consistency in the use of colour to identify product types between different NDT consumable supply companies.
  • We would have to explain what our colours meant, which negates the advantages that the colour coding is trying to offer. This applies to colours on the cans themselves and on the caps.
  • There can be issues associated with low lighting levels and for users with colour blindness.
  • Having a coloured cap offers no benefit. Once it is removed, the product has no means of identification. Coupled with this, the cap could potentially be replaced onto the wrong can, leading to the user mistaking the  can’s contents.

What method of product identification will Magnaflux EMEAR use on the new aerosol packaging?

We recognised that a lot of product suppliers use pictograms or similar graphics to describe the use of their products. As a result, we created a set of icons to represent the product use. You will find these icons both on the aerosol cans and on the variable data label applied to the trade pack. These icons are already in use on our bulk packaging and also on our marketing collateral.

Click the folloiwng link for a full list of the product icons and their descriptions, along with a downloadable poster. We will also include explanatory reference cards in a number of our trade packs.

Will these changes affect the price of your aerosol products?

No, all costs associated with the changeover project will be met by Magnaflux EMEAR.

As part of this change, is Magnaflux EMEAR making any changes to its product formulations?

No, there are currently no changes planned for our product formulations. Our policy on product formulations is that changes are made only as a result of:

  • a regulatory changes that we are required to implement.
  • changes imposed on us by a raw material supplier – for example, a raw material is discontinued.

The only exception to this will be BYCOTEST® C10 and TIEDE® RL-40; these products will undergo a minor change to their formulations to improve the product cleaning characteristics.

As part of this change, is Magnaflux EMEAR making any changes to the performance of the aerosol?

No, there will be no changes to the performance of the aerosol when in use. Our aerosol cans already contain sufficient propellant to ensure that no product remains in the can when the propellant is spent.

Am I likely to receive mixed shipments that contain both new and old style cans?

Yes, at the point of changeover, it is possible that some aerosol products will be sent out in both the new and old style while we are using up old stock.

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