Case Study – Introduction of higher sensitivity NDT inspection processes using Magnaflux EMEAR products


Our UK-based customer specialises in engine manufacture and refurbishment. They carry out liquid penetrant and magnetic particle inspection on high-performance engine components, including engine blocks, heads, pistons, rods, valves, crankshafts, camshafts and fly wheels. The end uses for these components demand:

  • High-quality non-destructive inspection on a variety of different metals (steel, aluminium, magnesium, titanium).
  • 100% inspection of components. Where a component is based on two different metals – e.g. steel and aluminium – it is necessary to carry out both liquid penetrant and magnetic particle inspection.


The challenge for our customer was two-fold:

  1. To move the inspection onto a range of consumable products with which they could be sure of the quality and consistency necessary to give them total piece of mind during inspection.
  2. Due to the complexity of the product range that required inspection, they needed to introduce a higher sensitivity water-washable penetrant and a post-emulsifiable penetrant. Historically, they had been using a single sensitivity of penetrant to inspect a whole range of components and while this seemed like a good solution in principle, the reality was that, in some cases, there was a risk of not actually locating defects. For example, the current Level 2 water washable penetrant was, at one point, used to inspect titanium components where there was a need to find very fine defects. The issue here is that when removing the excess penetrant, there is a risk of removing penetrant from any surface-breaking defects.


About five years ago, a new manager took over the running of our customer’s inspection department. This manager has extensive experience in the aerospace industry and with using Magnaflux products, chosen for their quality, consistency and dependability.

We worked with our customer to:

  • Change over all chemical consumable products to Magnaflux EMEAR products, both for liquid penetrant and magnetic particle inspection, and including ancillary cleaner and developer products.
  • Rationalise to using two Magnaflux EMEAR penetrant products (see table below).


By implementing our solution, our customer achieved the  quality reassurance they were looking for. By changing and increasing their range of penetrant sensitivity levels, they have been able to introduce real improvements within the refurbishment side of their business.

Crankshaft with MAGNAGLO® 14HF

Throttle linkage arm with MAGNAGLO®14HF

Conrod with ZYGLO® ZL-37, ZYGLO® ZR-10C and ZYGLO® ZP-4B

Product type Product name Description
Liquid penetrant inspection ZYGLO® ZL-67B Level 3 water-washable fluorescent penetrant
ZYGLO® ZL-37 Level 4 post-emulsifiable fluorescent penetrant
ZYGLO® ZR-10C Hydrophilic remover
ZYGLO® ZP-4B Dry powder developer
ZYGLO® ZP-9F Non-aqueous developer
Magnetic particle inspection MAGNAGLO® 14HF Fluorescent magnetic ink for steel components
“Having been comfortable with using Magnaflux EMEAR products for many years, I was very happy to be moving to using their products for both liquid penetrant and magnetic particle inspection once again. One thing that I have always been impressed with by Magnaflux EMEAR is the quality of the whole package that you get from them – quality products through to quality Safety Data Sheets.

The ability to upgrade to using two penetrant sensitivities means that we now have the capability to cover both existing and future inspections.”

Date: February 2016