About Magnaflux EMEAR

Offshore oil and gas platform

Market leader

Magnaflux is a global manufacturer of non destructive testing (NDT) equipment and consumables. Magnaflux products are internationally renowned for the inspection of cracks, surface breaking flaws and near surface flaws.

Our Customers

Our clients demand the highest level of quality and service for testing their products and components, which are often used in safety critical environments. Our principal sectors are aerospace, automotive, energy, general manufacturing, marine, offshore, oil and gas pipelines and railroad.

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Magnaflux EMEAR carries the ISO 9001:2015 certification for the manufacture of magnetic particle and dye penetrant inspection equipment and their associated consumables.

Magnaflux EMEAR

Whilst we are a truly global company, Magnaflux EMEAR (Magnaflux (A Division of ITW Ltd)) is dedicated to provide support and service to our local regions – UK/Eire, Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Russia. In addition to our offices in the UK and Germany, we have an extensive network of more than 100 distributors to ensure that you have the right level of local service and support.

In 2006, Magnaflux purchased Tiede in Germany. Now operating as Magnaflux GmbH, this location is a dedicated resource for manufacturing our high quality equipment and accessories.

In 2008, Magnaflux purchased Bycotest in Sweden. Currently sold predominantly in Scandinavia, the Bycotest family of products have become synonymous with both quality and safer chemistry products.

About ITW

Illinois Tool Works (ITW), founded in 1912 and based in Chicago, is a highly decentralised organisation.

  • Operating units in 56 countries
  • 51,000 employees
  • 10,000 active patents
ITW are a Fortune 200 global manufacturer of value-added consumables and speciality equipment with related service business.
  • Automotive
  • Construction products
  • Food equipment
  • Polymers and fluids
  • Speciality products
  • Test and measurement and electronics
  • Welding

Top Flux Facts

Global leader in the manufacture of quality assured NDT supplies

We provide a complete package solution of equipment, accessories and chemical consumable products for magnetic particle (MPI) and dye penetrant inspection (LPI).

Over 80 years’ experience in non-destructive testing

Using our knowledge and experience in identifying defects we are able to provide a solution for testing your component(s) tailored to your needs and requirements.

Quality products that give quality results

Magnaflux EMEAR chemical products comply with all necessary NDT industry standards for the aerospace, automotive and energy markets, and are are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001.

Acting globally, thinking locally

The only NDT manufacturer with five global production facilities in six continents, we supply quality products in local currency using locally-sourced raw materials.

A wealth of support provided through our distributor network (over 100 distributors in more than 60 countries), our EMEAR website and our in-house teams.

Meeting local regulatory and environmental requirements

Our chemical products meet the needs and requirements of the EU regulations for both REACH and GHS/CLP, and our equipment meets the CE requirements for electrical safety.

Our products meet current environmental standards and we continue to develop products to meet future levels.

Developing future solutions

We promote global innovation through ongoing research and development, developing new systems and processes to improve the control of product testing.

We are committed to provide testing solutions that will support changes in materials technology and usage.

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