Magnetic Particle Inspection

Magnavis® 7HF Black MPI Ink 

Magnavis® 7HF is an oil  based black Ink for Wet Method Magnetic Particle testing. Magnavis® 7HF is a portible solution and designed for spot inspections of parts that, because of their size or location, must be inspected in the field.

Magnavis® 7HF is composed of 7C Black Magnaflux ink suspended in a low volatility mineral oil and offers significant advantages in situations where bulk processing is found to be impractical and is often used in combination with WCP-2 White Contrast Paint.

Specifications Compliance:

AMS-2641B, AMS-3041E, AMS-3043D (Aerosols only), ASME B & PV - Sec V, ASTM E1444/E1444M, ASTM E709, MIL-STD-2132D.


Part Number and Container Size:

  • 008A103 - 10 x 400ml aerosols
  • 058C001 - 4 x 5 litre containers

Applications: Magnavis® 7HF is ideal for remote inspection of tubes, piping, and other large structures.