Zyglo ZL-27A Post Emulsifiable Fluorescent Penetrant

ZL-27A’s formulation has been designed to be impervious to water to protect it from over washing and permit more penetrant to remain in discontinuities for improved detection of small defects. It and other post emulsifiable penetrants require the application of a lipophilic or hydrophilic emulsifier to render them washable with water.


Zyglo ZL-27A fluoresces a bright greenish-yellow under ultraviolet radiation. Use of an ultraviolet light source with a peak wavelength of 365 nanometers, such as our ZB-100F fan-cooled black light, is recommended.


Zyglo ZL-27A penetrant meets OSHA requirements for Class III B liquids due to its high flash point and can be used in open dip tanks.

Specifications Compliance:

AMS 2644F, ASME B & PV - Sec V, ASTM E-165/E-165M, ASTM E-1417/E-1417M, EN ISO 3452-2, MIL-STD-2132D, MIL-STD-271F, Pratt & Whitney PMC 4353-2, Rolls Royce RRP 58003 (CSS 232), SAFRAN Pr 5000/In 5000.


Applications:  Zyglo ZL-27A is typically used on castings, forgings, extrusions and rough and machined surfaces to find cracks, seams, laps, laminations and porosity.


Classification: Type 1, Method B Penetrant when using ZE-4B emulsifier. Type 1, Method D Penetrant when using ZR-10C (20%) remover.


Sensitivity Level: Level 3 - High Sensitivity.

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Part Number and Container Size


10 x 400 ml aerosol



25 litre metal can



200 litre metal container