Spotcheck SKL-SP2 Solvent Removable Penetrant

Spotcheck SKL-SP2 is a solvent removable penetrant offering maximum reliability in the detection of surface-open flaws and discontinuities.

Spotcheck SKL-SP2 is a solvent removable (or post emulsifiable) red colour contrast penetrant with outstanding penetrating characteristics. It offers maximum reliability in locating surface-open flaws and discontinuities and has been successfully used on non-porous ceramics and other similar materials.


Specifications Compliance:

AMS 2644F, ASME B & PV - Sec V, ASTM E-165/E-165M, ASTM E-1417/E-1417M, EN-ISO 3452-1, EN-ISO 3452-2 (Sensitivity Level 2), MIL-STD-2132D, MIL-STD-271F.

Applications:  Welds, Forgings, Pressure Vessels, Castings, General Metal Work, Leak Testing, Power Plant, Construction.


Classification: Type 2, Method B, C or D


Temperature: SKL-SP2 should be used at temperatures between 5°C to 50°C.

Part Number and Container Size


10 x 400 ml aerosol



4 x 5 litre metal can

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